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Thanks for your continued support as we build a GLBL VLLG, we are currently redesigning our website and are excited to share it with you in 2022! Any questions you may have you can reach us by using the contact page or via social media! 

  • group of people holding hands with their eyes closed
  • yoga in park
  • view on person from behind speaking into a microphone at a GLBL VLLG event
  • child and adult painting together
  • musicians playing while others look on
  • two people playing drums and speaking into microphone
  • A GLBL VLLG event in an indoor performance space
  • smiling person wearing a GLBL VLLG tee shirt
  • two people wearing GLBL VLLG tee shirts with their arams around each other as seen from behind
  • People holding clothing they have designed
  • musicians working together


This is the VLLG – Our vision is to enable the world to connect to one another through creative expression and provide a safe space to be vulnerable in “the release” towards self realization. 


Let’s co-create unforgettable experiences together! We’ve learned collaboration divides the task and multiplies the success. From big festivals to intimate events we aim to create impact results to fruition with our partners! Contact us for more information on partnerships, bookings, hosting a jam in your city, or any questions you may have for us!